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WordPress is one of the most powerful website platforms with more plugins and widgets than one can imagine. A custom WordPress design will set you apart from your competition, allowing you to easily add content to your website. WordPress is a fully functional website with an integrated content management system (CMS). This platform is very user-friendly and teaching a staff member how to use this CMS is quite easy. If you or a member of your staff can write an email, they can add content to your website!

The WordPress platform can instantaneously remove the burden of paying a costly developer to make minor changes or additions to your website due to the CMS which is built into WordPress. A CMS allows you to easily add content to your website and categorize it accordingly, this provides a great benefit to both your visitors and search engines alike. Marketing Cartel fully understands the potential of websites utilizing WordPress, and for this reason, we strongly recommend it.

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    Understanding the intricacies of converting visitors into leads, our custom WordPress design is created with the goal in mind to maximize the chances of each visitor becoming your customer. Creating compelling content helps you become recognized as an industry expert who provides up-to-date information about your product or service. Additionally, the effect of constantly adding content to your blog has a significant impact on your search engine rankings.

    Custom WordPress Design

    There are numerous tools and frameworks available for website development these days. However, a section of users prefers CMS applications for website creation. The CMS tools are quite user-friendly and they offer an amazing level of flexibility too. Among the numerous CMS platforms, WordPress is a leading contender in the web design realm. To ensure your brand website is designed on this platform in the best manner, you have to hire a professional and reliable CMS web design agency. You can count on the services of Marketing Cartel in this regard. We are a versatile web development and digital marketing solution provider and we also offer WordPress web development services for our clients.

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      custom WordPress website design

      Customized WP design services matching your requirements

      At Marketing Cartel, we offer fully customized and flexible WordPress web design solutions to match the diverse requirements of the clients. We cater to SMBs seeking a cost-effective solution for their websites. We have also dealt with fast-growing and mid-sized ventures seeking a revamp of their existing website using WP. Our clients hail from diverse niches like retail, health care, logistics, media, and food, etc. Once you seek our customizable WordPress website development package, you will not think of other options.

      Why choose us for WP website development?

      Yes, there are many other agencies that offer WP website development services. However, The Marketing Cartel is way ahead of the regular contenders. Read on to find out why our WordPress development service is just right for your needs.

      • Skilled, veteran developers – We have a team of web developers who have in-depth knowledge in the CMS domain. They have been dealing with WP web development for a long time. No matter how complex your website development needs are, we can address them without issues. From a small business website to a fully-fledged e-commerce site – we can handle it all.

      • Professional service – We are quite professional and believe in giving our clients an exceptional experience. You can expect absolute clarity from us. In the beginning, we offer our clients consultation and help them resolve queries on WP web development. We also help them figure out if WP is the right platform for their needs. Our team ensures each website is made in the right way, adhering to the latest safety standards and protocols.

      • Timely deliveryYou may need a large WordPress website with plenty of pages or an e-Commerce website made on the CMS. We will deliver it within the promised timeline.

      • No quality issues – At Marketing Cartel, we ensure all websites designed by us, including those made using WP, remain devoid of glitches. We subject the WP websites to multiple levels of testing. Only when we are assured of smooth functionality and there are no coding issues, we deliver the sites to the clients. We check the WP sites on aspects like browser compatibility, security, load timing, etc.

      • The latest version – We make it a point to make the WP sites using the latest version of the CMS, for the clients. This ensures your website remains safeguarded from new threats. We also ensure safe, and well-reviews WP plug-ins are used in sites developed by us.
      • Support – We understand how troublesome it is when your website goes down or develops a snag. In such times, all you need to do is giving us a call or sending an email. We offer robust support for our clients.
      Do you want to know more about our custom WordPress website design services? Maybe you are curious about the pricing? Whatever your queries are, we are here to resolve those. Get in touch to explore our WP development service. We are confident of finding a solution to meet your needs.

      Unique WordPress Website Designs:

      Marketing Cartel creates custom WordPress designs that are 100% unique. A WordPress website can look stunning and be very effective in lead generation. There are multiple plugins that can easily assist you in multiple tasks. Such as adding a Twitter feed to your website with no coding experience necessary.

      After Marketing Cartel builds your custom WordPress website, you will be pleased to know that it is SEO friendly right out of the box. We will install all plugins (and even teach you how to find and install them) necessary to make your website as user-friendly and search engine friendly as possible. According to WordPress, over 60 million websites utilize their technology, we’re proudly one of them :D.

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