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Selling products online? Are your URL structures SEO-friendly? What kind of features does your current eCommerce platform provide? We must admit, for an eCommerce website, we tend to be slightly biased towards one platform.

While each platform typically has its unique advantages and disadvantages, we feel Magento is the most secure platform with numerous benefits. Due to the unique nature of Magento,  it has claimed its well-deserved spot as the eCommerce Champion.

eCommerce website design:

It is hard to come across people who are not aware of eCommerce services these days. The popularity of online shopping grows with time and the pandemic has boosted its growth rate, literally. If you have been thinking of starting an eCommerce business, now is the right time to hop on the bandwagon! However, it would be necessary to find and hire the right agency for developing a functional eCommerce website. Choose Marketing Cartel and you can be assured of an awesome experience. We offer customized eCommerce web development services for clients of varying profiles.

e-Commerce website design

eCommerce web development service that suits your need:

You will find plenty of web development companies offering eCommerce web development packages nowadays. However, it is not a one-size-fits-all-type solution! At Marketing Cartel, we understand that clients seeking eCommerce solutions may have varying needs and their priorities could be diverse as well. We offer fully customizable eCommerce web development solutions for clients hailing from different niches. We have worked with clients focusing on different target groups.

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    Benefits of Magento eCommerce Technology:

    Impressive Out of Box eCommerce Website Features = Sales

    • Marketing Promotion & Tools: Magento eCommerce technology allows you to easily create coupons, without any advanced coding knowledge. Instantly create coupons and send out an email marketing blast to quickly spike sales.
    • Analytics & Reporting: View and understand the exact stage in your checkout process your customers are abandoning your shopping cart. Then make appropriate modifications to decrease cart abandonment rates. This will increase sales.
    • Search Engine Optimization: Magento is very SEO-friendly. Automatic Google sitemap generation. Friendly shopping cart URLs. Metadata easily updated. What’s this mean? Better rankings & more sales.
    • Site Management: Own multiple eCommerce websites? Magento allows you to easily run multiple stores with ease. Spend more time on selling, less time maintaining. A/B testing & multivariate testing abilities.
    • Order Management: As an administrator, you have full control over all your products & orders. You can look into order details, edit order details, create order details, and fulfill, all from your control panel.
    • Catalog Management: As an administrator, you can set advanced pricing structures within your site. Make your business stand out & improve your bottom line with special offers.
    • Catalog Capabilities: A Magento eCommerce website will allow your customers to do product comparisons. This website will do the selling for you. Encourage your customers to leave reviews as this is another feature.
    • Product Browsing: Do your customers like to see the detail of your products before they purchase? Magento eCommerce websites come with a wonderful product zoom tool, enabled on all products. Multiple product pictures.

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      • Mobile eCommerce: Customers shopping on iPhone, Android, and other smartphone platforms? Magento has thought of you. This platform is mobile optimized out of the box.
      • Converting Checkouts: One-page checkouts will simply increase sales. The simpler, the better. Even more convenient, customers can checkout as a guest or sign up for an account.
      • Customer Support: Do customers love your products so much that they like to track the shipment? Customers can do this from within their account in your Magento store.
      • Customer Account: Your customers can view their recently purchased items from within their account and also place re-orders. Again, it’s all about convenience.

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        Custom Designed Magento eCommerce Website Shopping Carts:

        A long list of features, huh? The best part is that a custom Magento shopping cart is extremely affordable with Marketing Cartel. You will not receive a pre-made template that another business owner has. A unique Magento shopping cart is a powerful way to stand apart from your competition.

        When we consult with you, we take many things into consideration. Essentially, you will complete an eCommerce design questionnaire before we will proceed with quoting you. This ensures that we have a clear and precise understanding of what you wish the features to be within your shopping cart.

        If your eCommerce website is relatively new, it would make more sense to invest in PPC management for eCommerce websites or eCommerce SEO for large companies.

        Obtain the vast benefits associated with the Magento eCommerce platform. Tell us about your project, request a quote (top left of page), or give us a buzz at: 1.866.374.7945

        Why choose us for eCommerce web development?

        Marketing Cartel leaps ahead of competing agencies offering eCommerce web development packages. Read on to find out why our custom eCommerce website development solutions are better suited for your requirements.

        • Assistance in picking the right platform: As it is, we develop eCommerce websites using various platforms and tools. However, not all clients may be aware of which one fits their bill the best! So, we offer them guidance in picking the right platform for eCommerce site development. We also explain to the clients why a specific platform would be the best for their needs.
        • Veteran, professional developers: We have a team of veteran, skilled web developers and they are experts in developing eCommerce websites. They have made eCommerce websites for some high-profile customers so far. No matter how large your website is and how many pages you need, they can design it without any problem.
        e-commerce web development
        Why choose us for e-commerce web development
        • Professional services: At Marketing Cartel, we want to offer our clients the best possible experience and that holds true for clients seeking our eCommerce website design package too. We analyze your requirements carefully and after that, we offer you the final quote. We also clarify other service terms before finalizing any deal.
        • Thorough testing: We ensure the eCommerce sites are delivered to the clients only after they are made to undergo a series of tests. We assess the websites for loading, security loopholes, browser, and platform compatibility, etc. So, you can be assured of getting websites that have no glitches and offer a great experience to the target users.
        • Security: Nowadays, eCommerce website owners are wary of hacking attacks and other online exploits. At Marketing Cartel, we pay special attention to deploying suitable security measures while designing eCommerce websites. You can be assured of getting an eCommerce site safeguarded with the latest security protocols.
        • Mobile responsive design: We are aware of the fact that a majority of internet users prefer mobile devices over laptops or desktops for online shopping. So, we develop eCommerce websites in mobile-friendly ways. We ensure these websites render flawlessly on all mobile devices, regardless of spec, screen size and OS used.
        • Timely delivery: Our team is capable of designing eCommerce websites without taking up a lot of time. Once we do a need analysis and discuss key issues with the clients, we set a timeframe for project completion and website delivery. We stick to the promised deadline.

        You may have additional queries on our eCommerce website design service. You may be curious about the cost as well. We are here to resolve all such queries. Just contact us and we are sure of finding a solution fulfilling your needs.