Social Media Marketing:

Talk about internet marketing and you are sure to hear about social media marketing. This is probably the fastest growing section within digital marketing domain. Millions of people across the globe spend considerable amount of time on various social media platforms. Information gets spread via these platforms to a large audience with a very short span of time. This is the reason businesses are trying to use these social media platforms for promoting their products or services. The best thing about the various social media platforms is that they are unique in their own way and have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. We, at Marketing Cartel, work with social media marketing for our clients and customers. You might not have an idea, but this marketing is not as easy as other marketing styles and this is the reason we have specialized expertise for the job.

Making a Social Impact on Your Ideal Prospects:

Social media marketing is all about creativity, extremely well written content, & thinking outside the box. A viral video on YouTube can easily achieve 1,000,000+ views. Talk about branding. We think outside the box to strategically plan a social media campaign to exceed not only our expectations, but yours.

We understand how to keep your fans, associates, friends, & prospects engaged. We avoid bombarding these valuable contacts with extremely similar messages. Portraying the culture of your company, the personality of your employees,  your continuous accomplishments, sharing authority-type quality content, and the special deals you are offering is key to a successful social media marketing campaign.

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Various social media platforms and their reach:

If you are looking at website popularity, Google ranks top in the list followed by Facebook. Facebook has monthly 850 million active users. Next in row comes YouTube. Though it is a video sharing platform, the numbers of active users and subscribers range to almost few millions per month. Therefore if your business is marketed on these platforms, it is obvious that the global reach of the business will increase manifold times. Limitless benefits can be leveraged via these platforms, taking your business to new levels. We help you in this whole process. Depending on your business and industry kind, we choose the most suitable social media platform for marketing your products/services. We make sure that majority of the marketing is done on that platform along with minor promotions on other platforms.

Making social impact via the social media platforms:

Social media marketing is not every digital marketing agency’s cup of tea. We take immense pride in declaring that we have expertise in this kind of digital marketing, which very few agencies can match. We know and understand that social media marketing is based on creativity, on out of the box ideas and on content which is short, crisp and engaging. We have a separate specialized team for social media marketing with the best professionals in it. Whether it is YouTube or Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we have created and developed in such a manner that it has become viral with million views in a short span of time.

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We know that establishing a brand identity is crucial for your business. We talk about branding. And for that our team works incessantly by thinking out of the box. We strategically plan social media campaigns as per your business requirements and run them on various platforms. We have devised various ways of keeping your associates, friends, fans and future prospects engaged. We keep in mind that we don’t bombard the contacts with messages and notifications, bit create the campaign in such a manner that it has long lasting impact on the mind. Majority of our social media marketing campaigns have been great successes boosting business sales and revenues.

We Make Your Life Better

How Is Your Website Performing?

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    Social Media Marketing Agency: What We Offer

    • Social Media Strategy

    • Social Media Implementation

    • SEO Blog Content Creation (If Applicable)

    • Management of Social Accounts (Responses, Communication, Outreach, etc)

    • Clean Website Social Integration (If Applicable)

    • Ideal Prospect Analysis & Planning Engagement with this Group

    • Social Media Activity Reporting

    What do we offer in social media marketing services?

    We guarantee that with our social media marketing services, the efficacy of SEO and other digital marketing techniques are enhanced. In our social media marketing services, we offer the following:

    • Creating proper strategies for social media marketing

    • Implementation of the strategies for the marketing

    • Creation of creative and innovative content for the marketing campaign in the form of blogs, web 2.0, articles etc.

    • Complete management of the various social media accounts – from maintaining communications to responses and keeping check on outreach etc.

    • If applicable cleaning website social integration

    • Planning engagement and ideal prospect analysis within the group

    • Reporting of social media activity

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    Our team of experts can optimize your website for search engine. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elitphasellus lorem.

      Starting Your Social Media Marketing Campaign:

      We will evaluate your specific needs and send a quote for your individualized social media marketing campaign. Simply put, we are a social media marketing agency that puts great thought into each campaign by conducting a needs-analysis with all of our clients. Prices start at just $495.00 a month.

      Beginning your social media marketing campaign with us:

      Once you contact us, our marketing team will start evaluating your specific business needs. Once done, we will send you a quote for your individualized social media marketing campaign. As a social media agency, we, Marketing Cartel, put our sincere thoughts into each and every campaign by conducting thorough analysis with our clients. We offer our social media marketing services at the most reasonable rates. Call us today and place your requirements. Leave the rest to us for all your digital marketing needs.

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