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Turn-Key Internet Marketing Services:

Marketing Cartel offers a full spectrum of essential internet marketing services. Understanding that each business has specific needs, we have compiled a list of the most essential elements of internet marketing that can help increase your business.

Understanding lead generation is the core of any business, our main priority is generating extremely targeted leads that easily convert into sales.

Internet Marketing

We all know how drastically marketing has evolved in the last 10 years or so. Today internet has made a great impact in our lives as we remain connected to the net 24/7. Gone are the age of print ads and TV ads – this is the age of social media, websites, search engines (Google), online videos, and many such avenues. Even businesses are leveraging the benefits of the internet to get to their audience. Now the interesting question is how to convert the online audience into customers. And this is where internet marketing comes into the picture. We, at Marketing Cartel, offer turnkey internet marketing services for our clients and customers so that you get a firm foothold for your business on the internet.

We are an experienced internet and digital marketing agency offering a wide spectrum of essential internet marketing services. We understand very well that businesses vary from one another and the requirement of each business is different from the other. We have custom online marketing plans for different businesses so that your business gets the required boost. Our expert team of internet marketing professionals understands that lead generation is the ambition of any business. We work on highly targeted leads, which are easily converted into sales.

Dedicated internet marketing services which we offer

We are often asked questions about digital marketing or internet marketing and the various channels associated with it. Trust us, we are glad that you show inquisitiveness in this matter. Mentioned below are some dedicated internet marketing services which we offer at Marketing Cartel:

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Experts:

Search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, is the practice of optimizing a website to be highly relevant & visible for specific search queries that relate to the products or services a business offers. SEO typically rewards those who are successful with an extremely high ROI. These highly targeted searches are highly sought after, as there is no cost associated with the clicks generated from being organically ranked (in the free section) on the search engines.

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• SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Research shows that 93% of online experiences commence with search engines. With the wide use of smartphones, 82% of people look up to local businesses in a search engine. So, if you are looking to generate more leads, increase website traffic and boost sales for your business, you definitely need SEO services. With the help of SEO, higher keyword rankings are obtained on search engines. When searched with related and relevant keywords, your website will appear higher on search engine results with proper SEO. We, Marketing Cartel, have the best SEO professionals in our team guaranteeing extremely high ROI with our SEO services. Our SEO strategies show long-term results for your business.

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PPC – Pay Per Click Management Services:

Pay-per-click management services commonly referred to as PPC management, is when an internet marketing firm creates & actively manages your campaign. Many business owners that are not knowledgeable in internet marketing lose hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars on Pay-Per-Click advertising. Having a highly experienced internet marketing company manage your Pay-Per-Click initiative can increase your leads tremendously. This is accomplished by high converting landing pages, A/B testing, and active keyword modifications.

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Pay-per-click advertising is a long-term as well as a short-term digital marketing strategy for ranking your business in top search engine results. The biggest benefit of PPC is that it brings an immediate boost to your business. But PPC management services are not as easy and they seem; they need qualified professionals. At Marketing Cartel, we have a dedicated team of PPC professionals, who are qualified Microsoft Advertising Partners and Google Premier Partners, managing your PPC campaigns effectively. When the campaigns are optimized, it helps in lowering cost-per-lead and also increases ROI significantly. With our dedicated PPC management services, we have boosted leads for our clients.

Google Places for Local Businesses:

Google places optimization is for businesses that thrive off of a local presence. A good example is a local financial adviser, realtor, mechanic shop, & pizzeria, just to name a few. A good majority of local searches often include a geographic indicator, such as a city or zip code. To see if Google Places populates for your business, type in your service and/or product followed by the city your business resides in. If you see results with A, B, C, D, etc; and you are not visible, we can get you there.

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Local businesses benefit greatly from Google Places optimization. If you have a local business and looking for customers, Google Places optimization will be of great help for you. We at Marketing Cartel work for the local businesses so that they get local targeted traffic. We guarantee on bringing the business on top listing on Google Places for local listings. This will not only drive traffic to the business but will also increase revenue. This section of internet marketing needs special skills and expertise and we are proud to say that we have the best team of professionals working for the segment. We have successfully worked for local businesses bringing them desirable results in the shortest span of time.

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Why choose us for your internet marketing requirements?

Internet marketing has many facets and all digital marketing agencies are not well aware regarding them. The result? These agencies end up making some fundamental mistakes and the business has to pay penalties for the same. Why take such a risk?
With The Marketing Cartel, your search for the right internet marketing company comes to an end. We implement all tried and tested digital marketing strategies for boosting your business and provide guaranteed results. Endow our trust in us and you will not be disappointed. Call us today and talk to our marketing experts! We promise to provide you the best services at the most reasonable rates!

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How Is Your Website Performing?

    Social Media Management:

    Social media is currently one of the fastest-growing segments of internet marketing. Having a social media presence is important, however, engaging your target audience and increase your visibility is critical. Marketing Cartel takes the time to truly learn the intricacies of your business and then formulates a comprehensive social media marketing plan. Additionally, social media signals play a large role in the placement of your website in major search engines, giving Social Media a double benefit.

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    Social Media Marketing Services:

    Social media marketing is the current trend of the internet marketing industry. People are glued to various social media platforms, the most popular ones being Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. There are millions of active users on these platforms with more and more people joining in every day. Thus getting customers and audience via these platforms is easy as information gets viral within a short span of time. We, at The Marketing Cartel, use various social media platforms for our internet marketing practices. Our SEO experts leverage the benefits from various social media platforms enhancing leads for the client business. The biggest advantage with social media marketing is that it brings in instant guaranteed results and they are scalable.

    Video Production Services

    The Marketing Cartel offers high-quality video production services for various businesses. Videos have emerged to be an outstanding marketing tool. You can use videos for marketing your services and products as well as for creating your business’s brand identity. We know that with the right kinds of videos, you will be able to create a buzz regarding your products, services, and brands successfully within a favorable budget. Our professionals (including audio professionals, videographers and lighting assistants, crews, etc.) use the right kinds of equipment and tools for creating and developing the most interactive videos for your business. We also offer high-quality in-house post-production services too.

    Online Reputation Management:

    Did you know most consumers will do preliminary research about your company before they buy? These keywords often include COMPANY NAME scam, COMPANY NAME review, & COMPANY NAME complaints. If you currently have a negative review or complaint populating the first page of Google that is associated with your company, you can be losing out on valuable business from these reviews. Online reputation management services will push these reviews off of the first page of Google.

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    Avoid Mistakes with our Search Engine Marketing Company

    Some bloggers only casually blog for their enjoyment or to update family and friends. Some companies, on the other hand, use blogs and search engine marketing companies as tools to increase their overall site rankings. However, it is the DIY company that sometimes misses the most basic things about SEO.

    Unfortunately, the ignorance defense does not increase your rankings, nor does it save you from possible penalties. Google just assumes that everybody will know. But with the right help and professional information, there is no reason to fall into these categories. There are a few primary ways to avoid some of the most fundamental mistakes.

    Find an SEM Agency You Can Trust to Handle Your Content

    Before you do anything else, find an SEM agency that you can trust to handle your blog. There are necessary things like keyword spamming that can cause ongoing problems, even Google penalties. If you have a robot generate your content to save money, the content will not be nearly as compelling.

    As Google discovers that buyers don’t find your site entertaining or informative, they will redirect traffic to sites that do have a better handle on this somewhat subjective element of your blogging experience.

    Do You Want
    More SEO Traffic?

    Our team of experts can optimize your website for search engine. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elitphasellus lorem.

      Avoid Plagiarizing

      Not a single word should ever be plagiarized, whether or not you are working with a search engine marketing company. Of course, a single word will not get you in trouble, but one cannot stress enough how important it is to have original, unique content. Google may give you some leeway, especially for quotes.

      But even with quotes, it is getting to the point where you will be better safe than sorry. Google is cracking down on this particular trend. They want their users to get original content that will help them to learn more or find the product that they want to buy.

      If they feel that you are less than honest, even unintentionally, you will pay the price. Even if it’s just your blog, it will negatively affect your whole site.

      Source Appropriate Media

      These days, an SEM agency is more cautious than ever when it comes to pictures. They may even ask you for unique photos taken at your office or otherwise in your facilities. Why? Because people are gaining more ownership rights over their pictures and it’s easier than ever before for a picture owner to demand payment.

      Much like content, the key is to be original. Don’t copy other people’s work. In fact, even if you have a specific banner or picture on another of your sites, don’t copy those. Many marketers used to use banners to hide the same headers or other content they didn’t want Google to crawl. They also used it to sneak in keywords that the average reader wouldn’t see.

      Those days are over. So do what you need to to ensure that your pictures are unique. If you are using banners to display specific titles, headers, or other content, always be sure that you keep it original. Google’s spiders have become more sophisticated than ever before and should not be underestimated.

      A Search Engine Marketing Company Should Post Regularly, but Not Too Regularly

      If you work with a search engine marketing company that blogs regularly, that is ideal. But if it’s every day or in bunches only at the beginning or end of the month, you may run into a problem. Google looks for consistent updates that tell them that you are relevant. But posts that are too frequent or crunched may be overwhelming.

      Many things seem extreme or harsh to people dealing with Google on a regular basis. If you are just getting started with blogs or if you are opening a new company, there is a lot to learn and easy mistakes that anybody can be made. Why would Google penalize you for that?

      No matter who you are, Google expects you to be up on the times. So hire our SEO professionals to help you by contacting us today.

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