The easiest ways to help improve your content & SEO is through Google My Business. This essentially allows you to claim ownership over a location that relates to your business or website and then utilize it for all sorts of optimization benefits.

One of the most important features in Google My Business is verified reviews. These are real, human endorsements that can help you rank higher and increase conversion rates for your business.

Google uses these to determine whether or not your page should be placed at the top of search results, so it’s incredibly important you optimize this area within your Google My Business dashboard. You can also see what customers think about their experience with you by reading through each review.

Essential Google My Business Optimizations to Rank Higher in Local Search

What Does an Optimized Google Business Profile Look Like?It is estimated that 70% of all searches are local. While organic rankings can be helpful in getting your business found for national or global search, it’s important to take steps so you rank higher locally than just globally. Here are the top Google My Business optimizations to get better visibility and traffic from people looking specifically for your products or services locally:

– Manage listings across multiple directories (i.e., MapQuest)

– Add detailed information about location(s), hours, description of each service offered, etc.…

– Set up AdWords Express campaign with a goal of driving foot traffic into store/business center/office during normal operating hours; do not use “Call Now” campaigns

– Include Google + Local page in your email signature with a link to direct people to your website or online store. You can also add links on Facebook and Twitter profiles for an additional boost of traffic into the site.

– Add links from Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing Business Portal, YP White Pages and other local directories that provide backlinks to help you rank higher in the organic search engine results pages (SERPs) when consumers do a specific city/geographic search.

– Make sure all listings are consistent across each directory; make sure they have correct data about hours of operation and location(s), as well as photos , videos, logos and other site media.

– Ensure your website is mobile friendly to provide a better user experience for potential customers looking for services on the go – i.e., make sure all pages are “responsive” or can be viewed across various devices (iPhones, Android phones).

What Does an Optimized Google Business Profile Look Like?

When it comes to getting your business on Google, you want to make sure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. In fact, some would say that having a strong online presence on sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor can be more important than being listed in the Yellow Pages.

The more SEO optimized your business’ information is on Google’s platform, the higher you’ll rank for relevant keywords in local search results!

An optimized Google Business profile should have a professional-looking cover image, accurate contact information, and consistent categorization.

How to Completely Optimize Your Google My Business Listing for 2022

Essential Google My Business Optimizations to Rank Higher in Local SearchGoogle has changed. For the past few years, Google My Business (formerly known as Google Plus) was a requirement for anyone looking to rank well in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Today, good SEO goes far beyond just having your business listed on G+ and making sure it’s free of any errors or duplicates. But you should still make an effort here, this is where searchers are going to find information about your business when they look for you online!

Here are some ways to completely optimize your Google My Business listing for 2022. You can use the following products and services:

-Google my business optimization

-Yext marketing platform

-Adwords Express ads with search, call or map extensions

-Map Maker app by Google (for businesses that do not have a physical address)

-Bing advertising platform (similar Adwords express but only on Bing maps)

Here at The Marketing Cartel we take care of all aspects: On-page optimization like title tags and meta descriptions; Off-page factors such as building backlinks and creating citations across hundreds of directories; Technical aspects like HTML web page speed; And even the verification process, which is the most important of them all.

If you want to ensure your business is Google My Business Optimized for 2022, then contact us! We offer services that thoroughly analyze and optimize your listings so that your business can be found on all devices. You will have the most up-to-date information possible as well as a complete review of what settings need optimizing in order to help increase traffic and sales from organic search results. Our team specializes in local SEO optimization services. Contact us today at 866.374.7945!

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